Economist-manager, self-employed entrepreneur. Independent candidate for deputy of Sestroretsk City Municipality of the sixth convocation in multi-member electoral district №2

My plan

My entire programme is not generalities, but concrete ideas and suggestions for initiatives. These are the three topics that I intend to focus on as an MP.

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    Combating corruption

    Fighting corruption in public procurement and housing and communal services through publicity and transparency (including on social media).
    Strengthening of auditing and controlling institutions.
    Civil society organisations (watchdog commissions).

  • Improvement and separate waste collection

    Improvement and separate waste collection

    Quality landscaping with the residents' opinions in mind.
    Modern playgrounds and sports grounds.
    Constructing sheltered benches and barbecue areas.
    An urban policy that prioritises the pedestrian over the car.
    For the separate collection and recycling of waste.

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    Against turning Sestroretsk into Devyatkino

    I'm against it:
    the construction of a new DK on Stroiteley Embankment, which would turn a quiet and green area into one large car park
    • building high-rise buildings instead of cozy little houses;
    • infill development, which not only disfigures the city, but also deprives its inhabitants of access to social infrastructure;

About me

My name is Kirill Aidarov. I am going to the elections because I want to speak out against the corruption and lies of incompetent officials acting at the behest of the party. Elections are an opportunity to show what the people think of the government. I want to use this opportunity myself and encourage others to do so. Support me in the elections and together we will make the government respect us and our rights.

Support for the election campaign

You must be an adult citizen of the Russian Federation. Every ruble counts. Thank you for your help!

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