So. I think I should make my position clear, without smiley faces or memes. For those who haven't quite got it yet.

  1. I don't consider the Ukrainian people my enemy. I consider them brothers and sisters. I consider this "special operation" an invading WAR against a sovereign state.
  2. I am absolutely horrified at how many mothers on both sides will not be able to bring their boys home. Boys 18-20 years old thrown on the mincemeat of imperial ambition.
  3. I'm absolutely terrified of the economic consequences and the consequences we'll all have to deal with for many, many more years to come.
  4. I'm terrified for my children! I want them to live in peace, without the monstrous hatred that this unnecessary fucking war generates every day. Which NO ONE human being wanted! Because only insane non-humans would want a war. One that not only Ukrainians hate, but the whole world hates. We are all turning into outcasts.
  5. I am NOT ashamed to be a RUSSIAN. I am ashamed now, as a person of the world who cannot change or fix anything. Ashamed of my helplessness. I went out to a peaceful protest in St Petersburg and after a very short time I am being brutally detained. It is unbearable.
  6. Many of the excuses for war start with, "8 years..." - fuck you. "Why?!" - Now Russia spends billions of dollars every (!) day on weapons to "save its citizens". That money could have been used long ago and peacefully to save all "your citizens" and still build every "miner" a palace.
  7. "Patriots" of all colours and shades - go fuck yourselves.
  8. Luddites who call what's happening now a "coercive measure" go after "8 years..." and "patriots".
  9. The Baskovs and Kandelaki working off political agitators - go after the ogres.
  10. But what pisses me off the most, to be honest, is the RED BUTTON from one suitcase in the hands of a madman. "Special Operation", which for all of us, for all of humanity, could be our last.

Also, I almost forgot. There's no such thing as "I'm against the war, no...*". What is NO? Half-killed?

Does that make any sense at all?

Now in the comments, disco!

It's not going to happen. I was joking.

Posted in Global on Feb 25, 2022