Data Science

Data visualization and storytelling

Posted in Data Science on Feb 18, 2023

This post explores the power of data visualization and storytelling in communicating insights from complex data sets. It explains how data visualization can reveal patterns and relationships in data that might not be immediately apparent from raw data. The article also highlights the importance of data storytelling in creating an emotional connection with the audience and inspiring action.

Machine learning and deep learning methods, in simple terms

Posted in Data Science on Feb 16, 2023

This article provides a simple explanation of machine learning and deep learning techniques for those who may not be familiar with these concepts. It describes how machine learning enables computers to learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed, while deep learning is a subset of machine learning that uses hierarchical patterns to process complex data. The article also provides real-world examples of how machine learning and deep learning are being used in fields such as healthcare, finance, marketing, and transportation.